Bool Lagoon   

Just North of Coonawarra is Bool Lagoon, a wetland of International importance, where birds can be observed from the bird hides. Water levels and wildlife vary depending on seasonal conditions. 

Coonawarra Winery Region 

Starting on the northern outskirts of Penola is the world famous Coonawarra Winery Region which is famous for its full bodied reds grown in the highly prized terra rossa soil over limestone. It is for this reason that most of the 22 cellar door sales outlets are very closely situated, almost gate after gate along the highway. 



Little Blue Lake  

Due south off Bay Road to the right is Little Blue Lake, one of the many water filled sinkholes which provide a "window" into the underground water system and a cool swim for experienced swimmers.





Boasting one of the longest jetties in South Australia, Beachport is a popular fishing and holiday destination. Enjoy the history, the secluded beaches, spectacular rugged coastline and Beachport Conservation Park. Call into the Beachport Visitor Information Centre for a range of information including walking trail brochures.